Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thatched roof and a sheepdog named Rufus

Rufus was raised at a rescue farm with horses so he thinks carrots are a special treat
At the end of my recent trip to England I went to visit a friend from junior high (when it was junior high and not middle school), Lynn and her lovely husband Neil.  They have lived in England for 35+ years.  Although I have seen her occasionally in the states and kept in touch sort of I had never been to visit.  Two other friends from the same time period met me there.  Lynn and Neil live in a 400 year old bakehouse with a thatched roof.  Their dog Rufus is their 4th sheepdog.  What a charming visit we had catching up about families and kids, reminiscing about the things we did in high school.  These shall not be mentioned here just on the outside chance any of our children read these posts.  Just goes to show that sometimes our friends from very far back can reconnect quickly like time has not passed.  I'm hoping they will come to visit me.  Here are a few of the house and Glinton.

The Old Bakehouse

I got to ride a bit while there. 
Candy, Allison & Anne at the pub

Need I say anything?  It's a 1929 Alfa Romeo and we looked hot going for a country ride in it. 

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