Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stephanie Redfern

While at the Twisted Thread show in Birmingham, UK, we ran across an artist that just blew us away.  Nancy came running to find me to tell me I had to see this book.  She was right.  We also met Stephanie (a thoroughly delightful lady) and saw her at work.  I have found she has a blog and a website and will follow her closely.  Her works spoke to me.  I came home with some of her cards but would have like something larger if I could have carried it home safely.  Anyway, back to the book.  She created a fiber, mixed media book called Stone Bird.  It started from a fossil and she said it just grew on it's own.  The book itself had roughly 24" pages, trimmed in canvas with paint, ink, fiber and more.  You could turn the pages with gloves on and enjoy it.  She also had a quilt hanging in the show.  I have posted several of our pictures here.  Enjoy. 

Her web site is www.sredtextiles.co.uk

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