Thursday, June 16, 2011

Solids Only challenge - Modern

I wanted to give you an idea of what all the different challenges looked like.  We voted for the top three so all were laid out on the floor to look at.  Aren't they wonderful?

Kaufman Solids Only Challenge

As a part of the Modern Quilt Guild members participated in the Kaufman Solids Only Challenge.  We were each given a packet of 45 fabrics and had to use 21 in a piece.  There were size limitations/guidelines as well.  We could add other solids but nothing else.  This is my piece.  We all showed them last Saturday and there were 36 who participated.  It was awesome. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Luna Moth & other creatures on the river

We have floated 3 days this week on the glorious Missouri rivers:  Jack's Fork, Current and Huzzah.  While floating we saw a great deal of wildlife:  otters, blue herons, river herons, snakes, frogs, fish of all kinds, teenagers, families and more.  Two especially fun finds are pictured here.  The luna moth and the tadpole for a bull frog.
The wings and antennae for the moth are fabulously detailed and I could see enlarging them to make a fabric piece someday.  Doubt I would do anything with the tadpole but he is almost cute.