Thursday, October 3, 2013

Quilt National

We are so lucky here in St. Louis to have Quilt National exhibit all of it's collection.  It has been done to benefit Safe Connections, a women's self help center.  This year it is at the St. Louis University Art Gallery.  It is a beautiful gallery in an old building in the downtown area near campus.  Parking is street parking.
I always find QN interesting and fascinating.  How did they pick the quilts they did?  Why these this year?  There are always controversial ones - I think this year went too digital.  By this I mean, digital images manipulated and printed on fabric via large format printers.  Quilt?  Not so sure.  I did have some real favorites though.  I didn't attach a name to each piece to give credit and I am going to try to amend that.

Elizabeth Barton

Deidre Adams - great texture

Patty Hawkins

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