Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mini quilt Valerie Goodwin - I WON

Remember that quilt give away I mentioned before - well I won!  I am excited and pleased.  The quilt has arrived and I will post a picture soon.  Wendy I & started worked on our own map quilts last week.  We simply made some sample pieces and played around with the process.  We made stencils with tape but will go back to cutting stencils from freezer paper or cardstock or even just stitching down our roads.  Here I show the beginning of my confluence piece.  I hope to do more with the rivers in our area.
Next is the beginning of my Chicago Loop piece.  I can see the lake front and plan to add stitching, fiber and maybe yarns for the loop to show the different lines.  

The time passed quickly and we need to have several more work days to get these where we want them. 

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