Friday, July 20, 2012

Your are only as happy as your happiest child...

So the saying goes and sometimes I feel it is true.  I do enjoy their successes and suffer through their pains.  I haven't posted in a while because too much has been going on.

Eric returned from 7 weeks studying in Barcelona.  I picked him up at O'Hare and got him to his apartment.  It was wonderful to see him and hug him and hear about all his experiences.  He wrote a blog for the study program IES:   http://blogs.iesabroad.org/author/egrshmgmail-com/.  He's a good writer.  Study abroad is a great growing up experience and also let's young people understand the bigger picture.  He was very happy to be home.

Then Tom and I traveled to Mt. Rainier to see Justin who is working there as a climbing ranger for the NP system.  It's been a tough summer with the loss of Nick Hall, one of the climbing rangers there in an accident at the summit.  Needed to hug my boy out there too.  We spent 5 glorious days hiking, enjoying Justin and his important other, Claire P. and getting away from the Midwest heat. Watch for next post on our travels up and down the trails. 

I am really proud of both my guys.  They are wonderful young men. 

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