Friday, February 10, 2012

Key West

Just realized I haven't been here for a month.  I've been busy.  Trip up to Chicagoland to deliver violin to 2nd son and visit with mom who fell on her 85th birthday and broke her arm.  Thank you she is doing great.  We have also been to Key West which I find to be a fascinating place in many ways.  The only frost free city in the US (not counting Hawaii cities I guess), an old seaport city with a history of pirates, a very tolerant city in many ways - many lifestyles are seen and a great place to ride your bike, walk, listen to music, watch people and eat.

 I love the old Key West architecture and the cemetery.  I have a fascination with old cemeteries - they have so much history and this is one of the best.  They offer tours and have a map.  It is also a cemetery where the classes and races and religions mix.  WOW.  There are graves from the Maine ship sinking, from the Civil War (both sides), a Jewish section and a Catholic section.  I have included pictures here from two of the grave sites that I found amusing.  interesting.

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