Saturday, October 1, 2011

What Tickles my Fancy? - Geocaching of course

For our challenge at Bits n Pieces quilt guild we are to create a piece based on what tickles our fancy.  I mentioned this before.  Well mine is based on Geocaching.  www.geocaching.com.  It is a nerdy scavenger hunt using a GPS and can be done anywhere in the world.  I have had more fun, met the nicest people and gone into places I would have never seen doing this game.  No prize, no cash, just fun.  Great for kids to get them outside.  Who doesn't like a scavenger hunt.  Anyway, here is my challenge piece.  It contains pictures of places I have been, SWAG (stuff we all get) from caches, some Travel Bugs and coins and more.  The block itself is based on the Geocaching logo which is basically a four patch and a circle.  I had tremendous fun doing this.
My husband says he is going to take my ashes to caches all over the world. 

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